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Academic Learning Through Physical Activity & Sports

Ages 3 – 4 and kids in grades K – 5

More About MATH

– Teaching math skills using physical activity and sports shows children the connection between school-work and daily life.

– Our math program is a fun and exciting way for early learners ages 3 – 4 to learn math concepts and for grades K – 5 learners to build math skills.

– Some children are not on grade level in math, so we begin teaching on their level and bring them forward until they are on grade level. We then continue to work with them, so they maintain grade level skills.

– We challenge children that are on grade level in math by introducing the next higher grade level math skills and concepts.


Are you ready to give your child an exciting learning experience?

Language/Communication skills are included with your math tutoring and reading tutoring, to enhance your child’s learning.


Difficulty comprehending language will affect almost every aspect of school such as: following directions, learning vocabulary, understanding written and spoken instructions, as well as reading comprehension. This is why we include language/communication skills with our academic subjects.

Our Speech-Language Pathologist trains our instructors on how to incorporate language concepts into all lessons and activities which will help your child be more successful in school

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