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Academic Learning Through Physical Activity & Sports

Ages 3 – 4 and kids in grades K – 5

More About READING

– Think of the mind as a muscle that needs exercising in order to develop. Reading is the exercise that helps the mind grow. Our reading program uses physical activity and sports to help children understand written words.

– We build reading skills using our hands-on activities which require children to listen and understand as well as recognize the written word.

Reading opens a whole new world of imagination for children.

Are you ready to give your child an exciting learning experience?

Science, Writing, and Language/Communication tutoring is included with your paid enrollment, to enhance your child’s learning


Our hands-on projects teach children to obtain, investigate, and evaluate information in a way that can be easily applied to their school-work.


We make writing a part of our physical activities. Our students will use journals to make lists and write about their physical activity or sports routines. Early learners who are developing pre-writing skills will be encouraged to use pictures and markings as journal entries.


Difficulty comprehending language will affect almost every aspect of school such as: following directions, learning vocabulary, understanding written and spoken instructions, as well as reading comprehension. This is why we include language/communication skills with our academic subjects.

Our Speech-Language Pathologist trains our instructors on how to incorporate language concepts into all lessons and activities which will help your child be more successful in school

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