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Academic Learning Through Physical Activity & Sports

Ages 3 – 4 and kids in grades K – 5

More About Language/CommunicaTIon

Difficulty comprehending language will affect almost every aspect of school such as: following directions, learning vocabulary, understanding written and spoken instructions, as well as reading comprehension.  This is why we infuse language/communication skills with our academic subjects.

Our Speech-Language Pathologist trains our instructors on how to incorporate language concepts into all lessons and activities which will help your child be more successful in school. Our Speech-Language Pathologist trains our instructors on developmental milestones, so they can set linguistic expectations for your child during their sessions. Developmental milestones will focus on expressive language skills (i.e. limited vocabulary, difficulty recalling words) and receptive language skills (i.e. poor listening skills, limited receptive vocabulary) which impact academic performance.

Limited communication skills cause difficulty with class participation, organizing thoughts and expressing ideas in a cohesive manner, and communication with peers or adults, leading to social isolation.

Academic performance depends on the ability to learn content,
comprehend information, connect prior knowledge to new content and use language in spoken and written formats.

Are you ready to give your child an exciting learning experience?

We Infuse Language/Communication skills with all of our academic subjects

What We Do?

Our lesson plans combine hands-on activities with grade level curriculum. We show children the connection between academic content, sports, and physical activity, helping them learn academic content and apply their knowledge to school work.

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