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Teaching math skills using physical activity and sports shows children the connection between school-work and daily life. Our math program is a fun and exciting way for early learners to learn math concepts and for K – 5 learners to build math skills.


Teaching the characteristics of science using physical activity and sports shows children a connection to the world of science and what happens in their everyday lives.


Think of the mind as a muscle that needs exercising in order to develop. Reading is the exercise that helps the mind grow. Our reading program uses physical activity and sports to help children understand written words.


One of the most effective ways we help children become writers is to show them that writing has useful purposes. We make writing a part of our physical activities. Our students will use journals to make lists and write about their physical activity or sports routines.


Difficulty comprehending language will affect almost every aspect of school such as: following directions, learning vocabulary, understanding written and spoken instructions, as well as reading comprehension. Our Speech-language Pathologist has the knowledge and skill to build your child’s language and communication skills that will help them be successful in school.