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Academic Learning Through Physical Activity & Sports

Ages 3 – 4 and kids in grades K – 5

More About WRITING

– One of the most effective ways we help children become writers is to show them that writing has useful purposes.

– We make writing a part of our physical activities. Our students will use journals to make lists and write about their physical activity or sports routines.

– When kids journal about personal experiences, such as our physical activities or sports routines, they enhance written expression skills through sentence formulation, sequencing information, organizing ideas, and editing, which are key components to the writing process.

– Our writing program, for toddlers ages 3 – 4, builds fine
motor skills needed for writing.

– Younger children who are developing pre-writing skills will be encouraged to use pictures and markings as journal entries.

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What We Do?

Our lesson plans combine hands-on activities with grade level curriculum. We show children the connection between academic content, sports, and physical activity, helping them learn academic content and apply their knowledge to school work.

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