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Academic Learning Through Physical Activity & Sports

Ages 3 – 4 and kids in grades K – 5

More About SCIENCE

– Teaching the characteristics of science using physical activity and sports shows children a connection to the world of science and what happens in their everyday lives.

– Our science program is a fun and exciting way for children to learn how to investigate and communicate ideas.

– Learning the characteristics of science will give your child a way to explore the world around him while engaging in physical activity and sports.

– Our hands-on projects teach children to obtain and evaluate information in a way that they can easily apply what is taught to their school-work.

– We get children to understand science terminology and concepts early, so they are prepared to apply the information in a classroom setting.

Are you ready to give your child an exciting learning experience?

What We Do?

Our lesson plans combine hands-on activities with grade level curriculum. We show children the connection between academic content, sports, and physical activity, helping them learn academic content and apply their knowledge to school work.

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